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Features at a glance...

  • Capture daily screenshots of your website
  • Safe & Secure
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Cost effective
  • Digital Watermarks & Signatures
  • Archive full e-commerce transactions
  • Archives webpages and file downloads

What is Website Archiving?

Capture, store and replay entire websites including social media, and end-to-end user journeys with real browsers.

Website Archiving

Portal based dashboards allow fast access to historical records without the need to involve IT. In this way, we take what is usually an ad-hoc manual process and help our customers turn it into a comprehensive Content Collection process.

  • Using real browsers - we capture the Metadata, HTML and a Screenshot for every page of your website.
  • Capture based on specific user status (cookie states).
  • Digitally watermarked high resolution Screenshots ensuring data integrity and authenticity for Digital Compliance & eDiscovery.
  • An Online Portal to login, review and search archives for key information and improve electronic discovery.
  • Offline storage via download or hard media

Most Content Management Systems only provide a reconstruction of a webpage that was delivered in the past based on available content at the time of recall. They do not show the actual webpage viewed by a user i.e. the original rendered webpage. CMS version control cannot therefore be relied upon as an effective measure to ensure website content compliance.

Our technology is an extension of the functional testing service that provides functional testing and browser compatibility for website developers. We developed a unique website crawler that supports dynamic variable sets allowing complete capture of all website versions for all user types E.G. capture the different paths & webpages accessed by Retail & IFA users for a financial institution website.

The frequency of website capture can be Daily or Weekly, but customers most commonly opt for Daily Capture. This policy ensures continuity of collection.