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Web Archiving Methodology

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Having a third party responsible for the capture, storage and retrieval of content is of paramount importance when the specifics of what content was displayed at a given point in time is tested in the event of a legal dispute. Your archiving policy for web content must ensure the following:

  1. Reliable capture of ALL target pages
  2. Secure data retention
  3. Data cannot be modified
  4. Prevention of unauthorised access

The process of capture and storage of data storage with Website Archiving: the screenshots, HTML and textual content are all captured in real browsers as specified by customer requirements. First a watermark is stamped at the bottom of the screenshot and then a security hash is calculated for each of the Screenshot, HTML and Text files. This ensures immediate detection if the screenshot is subsequently tampered with.

Portal based dashboards display a Visual Library that is fully searchable for specific content.

Learn about Website Archive Security.